True Correction vs. Temporary Relief

Dr. Ben Tapper

A popular misconception about chiropractic care is that it is for temporary pain relief only. Many chiropractors choose to limit their practice to pain relief only. That is fine, but at Hope Chiropractic we have chosen to focus on corrective care and wellness care.

When we begin correcting subluxations, pain relief is often experienced and is a welcomed but correcting your problems is our primary concern. Chiropractic care for temporary relief may offer you some reprieve from pain but no real correction of your subluxations and underlying organ or tissue damage. In essence, it doesn’t return your body to its’ natural ability to heal and regulate at 100%. Chiropractic corrective care offers true correction of the cause of your body’s dysfunction and allows your body to express optimum health!

Once corrective care is completed and your body is functioning at its’ optimum level again, then we offer wellness care to maintain that correction. A good analogy is having braces put on your teeth to straighten them. There is a period (usually of a couple years) of correction to retrain the ligaments around your teeth. Then once the braces are removed you want to maintain that correction by wearing a retainer (the maintenance).