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The simplest way to start your journey toward health and wellness is with regular adjustments. In chiropractic circles, we throw around the word subfluxation a lot. A subfluxation is simply the misalignment of the spine which can quickly become the cause of greater health problems down the road from migrains to chronic injuries. We work hard to get in front of misalignments and give you the tools to keep your body in working order.

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Long Term Care Plan

Here at the Wellness Pointe we believe that in life you are always moving in one of two directions. You're either moving closer to health and wellness or you're moving closer to death and destruction. We want to empower you to move toward health and wellness every single day. From regular coaching and adjustments to meal plans and fitness advice we will give you the keys to succeed in your journey.

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Wellness Made Simple

Stress is one of the most common enemies we come up against on our journey toward health and wellness and the person we long to be. In Wellness Made Simple, a seminar from the Wellness Pointe's Dr. Ben Tapper, you will be given the tools to conquer stress and move closer to the you you've always dreamed of becoming.

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There's only one way to get the free tools to help you conquer stress and live the life you've always dreamed of, and that's to experience Wellness Made Simple. Find out when the next seminar is, or schedule the talk for your team.