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Has stress become too big of a factor in your daily life?

Is it practically eating you up inside and leaving no time for friends, family and the passions you once enjoyed? If you find yourself half the person you saw yourself becoming than you need Wellness Made Simple

Wellness Made Simple is a powerful workshop seminar by Dr. Ben Tapper held throughout the Greater Omaha Area. In the seminar, Dr. Tapper will walk you through the three types of stress (physical, chemical, and emotional) and how to conquer them without pills. The focus will be a proactive and preventative lifestyle that will keep you from becoming reactive. Additional topics like proper nutrition, fitness, ergonomics, and the benefits of chiropractic will also be explored.

Dr. Tapper's dynamic talk and engaging personality will empower you and your organization to live life to the fullest. You will leave any Wellness Made Simple talk feeling inspired and empowered to take your life back.

"Dr. Tapper's presentation was lively and informative. His message of self-care was uplifting and empowering. I think this was a great event for busy professionals who want to take charge of their physical and emotional health. Highly recommend!" Deb Clark, CSG International

These are a few of the organizations who have experienced Wellness Made Simple - The Harry A. Koch Co. - CSG International - Marcotte Insurance - Northstar Financial - Boystown National Research Hospital - Natural Grocers 176th and Wright And so many more.

If you would like to experience the Wellness Made Simple seminar and take back your life from stress and illness, then drop us a note and we'll set up a talk with your organization.